Vintage Floors Terms and Conditions

We try to complete each installation in a timely and professional manner. However, because conditions
do vary with every job, we cannot guarantee specific hour of arrival or completion. Typical estimated
arrival time is between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. We are not responsible for ancillary or consequential
damages or any other expenses (i.e. time lost from work, hotels, meals, inconvenience, etc).

1. Dust/Cleaning: We are not responsible for any dust that may accumulate during the prep and/or
installation of your job.

2. Materials: All material is custom ordered by the carton. The amount is determined by an industry
standard of actual square footage plus 10% waste. The waste factor on large format tile (ex. 20”
x 20” or larger may be more than 10%). There is a five-box minimum on returns for ceramic tile,
wood, vinyl planks and laminate per manufacturing return policy.

3. Removing Baseboards: If we remove and replace baseboards, we are not responsible for damages
that occur or the repainting of baseboards. We do our best to remove them carefully, but some
damage may occur.

4. Paint: Minor scratches or stain drops/overage may occur the course of installation. Vintage Floors
is not responsible for touch up paint.

5. Packing/Moving: In preparing for our arrival, we ask that the customer disconnect and remove
electronics and/or smaller items from work area. This includes books from bookshelves, lamps
and other breakables, soft goods from beds, loose items in dresser cabinets, hung clothing
touching the floor, etc. We will remove main furniture pieces with the exceptions of pianos,
grandfather clocks, sleep number beds, water beds, and fish tanks.

6. Plumbing: We do not hook up gas appliances or water lines.

7. Float: Some floating (floor leveling) is expected and included in the estimate price. Extensive float
is not included in the bid. We will not know to what extent your floors need to be floated until the
existing floors are removed. Your final balance could increase if your floors need to be floated,
and you will be notified of that in advance.

8. Color: Color selections for unfinished hardwood floors will be chosen and signed off by the
customer. There will be color differences if new wood is added to patch an existing floor, or if a
new floor is placed next to an existing floor. We cannot guarantee an exact match to an existing

9. Moisture: Solid hardwood floors are susceptible to environmental conditions. High or low
humidity and moisture on or under the floor can cause gaps (shrinking) or cupping (swelling). The
floor will be flat when the job is complete. Vintage Floors is not responsible for cupping or gaps
that occur after the sanding and finishing is completed.

10. Workmanship is warranted for 1 year from the date of completion. Materials are warranted
according to the dealer’s warranty (if any).

Acceptance of the price, specifications, and installations listed on the estimate include acceptance of the
above terms and conditions. Payment will be made as outlined on the estimate. Generally, an
approximate 65% deposit is due upon approval of the estimate with the balance to be paid upon
completion of the job. More extensive or longer jobs by include a draw schedule upon sections of work
being completed. Any returns or cancellations after materials have been ordered will have a 35%
restocking fee; however, there will be no refunds on orders over 30 days.
Failure to pay the final balance within 14 days will void any warranties.
The customer is responsible for reviewing the estimate to ensure the products ordered are correct.